Advances in Science and Technology require the collaboration between researchers of different branches and specialities; people able to speak a common language based on solid knowledge in disciplines ranging from Physics to Computational Mathematics.

The "Interdisciplinary modeling group", is born of the collaboration of a group of mathematicians, physicists and engineers trying to set new lines of collaboration in areas that generally have been isolated. The nucleus of this initiative lies on the team of researchers who formed the "Modeling, Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Physical Problems and Photonic Engineering" group of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Their narrow collaboration with researchers of other areas and institutions has inspired us to undertake this multidisciplinary project, whose fruits (common publications and projects) are already a tangible reality. With the initiative of the creation of the group, we generate sinergias in the different high-priority areas of investigation that formed our activity: photonic science, biotechnology and advanced energy systems.

The common element to them is based on the necessity of powerful concepts and new ideas to improve our understanding of systems in the micro and nanometric scale. On the other hand, the need of powerful numerical tools to investigate and modelize such problems is also a central topic in which our group has developed a solid background.

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