Our research is mainly focused on the study of the psychological variables of an aging population, both optimal and pathological aging, including interest by protective factors against deterioration. We seek to know the variables that influence aging in general, such as coping styles, life satisfaction, well-being, quality of life, learning throughout life, and relationship with other social, familiar and cultural factors.

Psychoinformatic and Mathematical Psychology

Our group has experience in the field of the experimental psychology. We also work with mathematical models and probabilistic approaches. At the same time, we are interested in the development of software and applications, and new technologies applied to the field of psychology and aging.

Intergenerational Relations

We are conducting research in the field of intergenerational relationships and comparisons and differences between children and the elderly in different psychological areas.


Furthermore, research also focuses on informal caregivers of dependent people, especially in the biopsychosocial health as actual consequences of the "task of caring", and the design of programs for the prevention and intervention of possible psychopathologies related.

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